Herman Cain Claims Koch Brothers’ Father Knocked Up His Mamma

“I am the Koch Bros. brother from another mother!” professed Cain to a cheering crowd of ultraviolet-skinned brothers and sisters at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation gathering on Friday. The admission must have been liberating for Cain. All those interviews denying any real relationship with the Koch Bros. All those years of not being able […]

Is Global Warming Caused by Squirrels?

Let’s hope so otherwise the global warming issue will be forever forgotten by the news media in favor more pressing stories like the re-emergence of the highly illusive McRib sandwich. It only comes out of hiding once a year and sightings are rare, so went it does, it is expected that the Cronkite-esque reporters at […]

Koch Brothers plan to Clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano

It’s true the Koch Brothers plan to clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano. And all this time you were thinking that folks on the right were against cloning and all that sciency stuff. Me, too! I know, right? Well, apparently they want to clone themselves in order to save the country. That’s a good reason, […]