Ron Paul Drops Out of Presidential Race and Challenges Justin Bieber for Internet Supremacy

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Ron Paul in a statistical dead-heat with President Barack Obama among likely voters. Moreover, Paul does best out of the four Republican candidates among America’s largest voting bloc, self-identified independents. If Ron Paul would be the strongest competitor in a general election then why is Ron Paul in dead […]

The soundtrack to the Christmas season

At my job, it’s that time of the year where we are forced to listened to Christmas music 24/7. It’s a rough time considering the finite amount of Christmas music there is. There are only so many versions of White Christmas and not a single one of them can top Bing Crosby’s original and hearing Justin […]

Your Cell Phone Will Kill You! Definitely Maybe! And the Cell Phone Industry Told You So!

Scientists now believe that “scientists“ were wrong before when “scientists” said that cell phones were perfectly safe. Apparently cell phones may possibly cause brain cancer…

TIME Says These Are The Must-Follow Twitter Feeds

Hartford Courant: The Time list includes the predictable — Justin Bieber (“MANCHESTER was one of the best shows ever. It was just FUN!! CROWD WAS HYPED!! THANK YOU and LET’S Do It Again Tomorrow!!) and Stephen Colbert (“An apple a day may keep the doctor away — but all these Macbooks are getting expensive”) but also …