The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Republican Party

The Daily Show correspondents lift the veil on the Republican Party only to discover that Americans may have married a monster. The Republican Party believes in torture, guns, and rewarding brats for the hard work of their great, great grandparents. The Republican Party picnic is all meat except for the bun. But judging from KFC‘s […]

The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Democratic Party

The Daily Show correspondents have exposed the truth behind the facade of the Democratic Party which is that they are actually “in love with illegal gay Mexicans, Twitter porn and tree-hugging.” The correspondents also discuss what it’s like at a Democratic Party Picnic where you can get a little of everything including some of Jimmy […]

The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Two-Party System

According to the experts at The Daily Show, “the two-party system is all about choosing the candidate you’re less in hate with — unless somebody’s wealthy grandpa ruins that.” In this segment, the correspondents discuss whether the two party system is a healthy system for the United States and where this idea of “only two” […]

Vicar Of Old North Church Confesses to Planting Improper History Thoughts in Sarah Palin’s Head

The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres, vicar of the Old North Church, also known as Christ Church in the City of Boston, confessed recently to planting improper history thoughts in Sarah Palin’s head. Remember when Sarah Palin was caught off-guard by that gotcha journalist who asked “What have you seen so far today and what are […]

Jon Stewart Campaigns for Pirates

Just when you thought the waters were safe, it turns out that pirates are making a comeback with the help of Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Catching Up With… John Oliver

Paste Magazine: John Oliver plays an uppity know-it-all on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart; in his five years on the job, he’s become a reliable fixture for full-fledged British smarminess. But there are only traces in …