Joe Biden: Not The Average Joe

Once again us political writers have an opportunity to write about brazen political mishaps. This time is it regarding Vice President Joe Biden. While speaking at a fundraising in Washington DC Mr. Biden made a statement about how the Republican candidates “don’t know what it means to be middle class.” The witty Vice President (VP) […]

Rick Santorum to Abraham Lincoln: Oh You Infidel!

Rick Santorum is confused. The Republican presidential candidate, who has been complaining that he has been under siege by the media with questions regarding his Catholic faith, bashed the door open to a potential onslaught on “gotcha” questions after saying this to Bill Cunningham on his WLW radio show on Friday: Look at every race […]

Romney: Just Accept It

Mitt Romney, a name you undoubtedly know by now if you’ve bothered to turn on the TV. A name that pretty much says exactly what it means for America: a bland white guy. But given the race so far, that’s exactly what America didn’t know it wanted. “We figured America was ready for another white […]

Martha Stewart Rages Over Congress’ Insider Trading

Martha Stewart’s staff was on high alert on Monday after news spread faster than avocado hollandaise on Sous Vide Alaskan halibut, that Ms. Stewart had caught the latest 60 Minutes episode. The business magnate, best-selling author, magazine publisher, television superstar and international representation of what our miserable lives will never become spent five months in […]