Bigot with Guitar Spews Hate Speech at Music Festival

There are few things more American than country music. In fact we should stop being so vague about it and start referring to it as America Music. After all, you don’t call Belgium Waffles country waffles. Especially since if you did, people would forget that Belgium was a country. But this weekend at The Stockyards […]

Santorum for Dummies: Obama Allowed ‘Slaughter’ of Iran Protesters

We are going to attempt the impossible: translating Santorum. Before you say it! We’re not translating the meaning of the word “Santorum.” We all know what that means. We are going to attempt to translate Santorum’s actual words. I know, right?! We’re crazy like that. While discussing the 2006 Iran Freedom and Support Act at […]

How Dare the GOP

Writing for a site like Restoring Truthiness it should go without saying that I am an unquestioning subscriber to liberal ideology. However, I must admit sometimes it is hard to blindly support ideals that suggest taxing the rich fixes everything and the government knows best. But every once in a while I am able to […]

Iranian Regime Says BOO-YAH to “Zionist Regime” over Oscar Win

Even though Iran hates their movie industry, threatens to shut them down as often as Angelina adopts Asian children, and imprisons them (the filmmakers not the Asian children) for, well, you know, making Western propaganda meant to destroy Iran and the Islamic world, Iran has claimed PWNERSHIP of the Academy Award winning film “A Separation” […]

Killer Unmanned Military Drone Lacks Accountability

A recent story reported in the LA Times asks the question: Who’s accountable for unpiloted drones? The brilliant answer is of course: No one! And this is all a part of a master governmental plan that Restoring Truthiness has uncovered. Think about it. Not too long ago, an American military drone crashed in the tiny Island […]

Iran Afraid of Dolls, Barbie Insurgency Continues

Girl being corrupted by dolls. Iran has delivered another blow to the Barbie Insurgency by shutting down toy stores daring to sell the filthy American dolls. For decades these domestic doll terrorists have been infiltrating Iran’s borders! According to Iran’s judiciary Barbie and Ken are “dangerous” and “destructive” like a “Trojan Horse sneaking in Western […]

Syria Demoted from Arab League, Iran Likely Replacement

Will Syria Be Demoted from the Arab League? In what has come as little surprise to followers of events in Syria, the nation faces potential expulsion from the League of Arab States, a group of Middle Eastern nations that Syria co-founded with five other countries in March 1945. However, with the league expanding to 22 […]

American Drones Need New Alibis

So, Iran has captured an American spy drone.  The unmanned vehicle was either brought down (says Iran) or malfunctioned (says the U.S.).  Either way, the Iranian government is now parading the thing across its news outlets as if it were the winner of Iran’s “X Factor”. American officials have said, “Yep, we lost the thing […]

Rick Perry’s Views On Iran Include Hamas/Hezbollah Training Bases In Mexico and On The Moon

While we all know that the United States is doing terribly when it comes to education, Texas Governor Rick Perry proved that you don’t have to be smart or educated to become a state governor or run for President. During last Tuesday night’s Republican debate on national security, Rick Perry espoused his belief that Hamas […]

Iran: Slutting Up U.S. Elections AGAIN!

It’s become a common trend these days. Every time there’s an election, a so called “axis of evil” pops up in American politics. Information that was pretty much not important before suddenly becomes a lot more important when people behind a teleprompter start raving about it. Such is the case with Iran. In 2008, the […]