The Only Reason Rick Perry Should Head to New Hampshire

Tweet and Retweet the tweet…

The Caucus has Spoken, Romney Crowned King of Iowa

After the all night political bender that was the Iowa caucuses, the world is finally allowed to rest. For the Iowans have selected their President and that man is Mitt Romney. With a late push, Mr. Romney took a commanding lead over Rick Santorum in the mid-west state that is fairly east and held that […]

Iowa: Exit Stage Right

In her article “Feel Free to Ignore Iowa” in the New York Times last week, Gail Collins made a very strong argument as to why Iowa doesn’t matter in the overall political panorama as much as the media likes to make it seem.  However, as much as we may wish that this statement was true, […]

Rick Santorum Needs A True Conservative Man Makeover

Rick Santorum’s Super PAC has released a pro-Rick (‘prick’ for short) campaign ad that will be aired in Iowa next week, painting the presidential hopeful as a “true conservative.” The Super PAC that released the 30-second ad, Red White and Blue Fund, has put $200,000 up for Mr. Santorum. The hope is that this ad […]