Just Do What I Asked

Have you ever been fired for doing your job wrong?  I am sure it happens everyday.  People are given instructions and expected to follow them.  If the instructions aren’t followed, they get fired.  With that in mind, the Supreme Court should be fired. If you owned a furniture company and you hired workers to assemble […]

Oops! CNN, Fox News Say Individual Mandate is Unconstitutional [VIDEO]

Well, thank the gods that journalists aren’t judges since both Fox News and CNN concluded Thursday that the healthcare mandate was unconstitutional after reading only a few lines of Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion. Because, you know, reading is hard and it takes waaaaaay too long to do. So why not skip it altogether and […]

Mitt Romney Discovers True Conservatism is Actually Quite Liberal

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Fox News (video embedded below) that his Massachusetts healthcare plan is fundamentally conservative. Romney broke the news to conservatives while defending his decision to pass the once-classified-liberal healthcare plan. The presidential hopeful wanted to make sure people understood that the individual mandate made individuals responsible for their own […]