Mitt Romney: Put A Fence Around It

During the CNN Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina, frontrunner Mitt Romney detailed his complex and nuanced plan for stopping illegal immigration, “It’s simple. Build a fence.” Mitt Romney went on to explain other topics in a similar fashion: John King (Debate Moderator): Mr. Romney, Osama Bin Laden is now dead and Al Qaeda is on the ropes […]

America is the New Mexico (Sorry, Mexico)

According to Jack Cafferty’s Cafferty File, America isn’t good enough for illegal immigrants anymore. They are literally turning their backs on us and heading to greener pastures in, of all places, Mexico. Yep, it turns out even Mexicans won’t put up with our sh*tty economy, and they put up with Menudo for how long? These […]

Stephen Colbert Gets Better and Better with “It’s Gets Better”

Just when you thought Stephen Colbert wasn’t doing enough to save the world, he surprises us once again. After tackling illegal immigration and campaign finance reform, Colbert is now taking on LGBT bullying and discrimination by helping out with the It Gets Better Project. Believe it or not, mega-successful, super sex god Stephen Colbert was […]

John McCain Says Illegal Immigrants Caused Wildfires

John McCain claims illegal immigrants have caused the devastating wildfires in Arizona. After touring the Wallow fire, which began on May 29 and has burned over 500,000 acres to date, McCain held a press conference Saturday in which he claimed that there was “substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who […]