Fox News vs Maroon 5 and Adam Levine: Epic Saga in Summary

As much as any band can probably understand Maroon 5’s horror at hearing their hard work blasting from the pits of Fox News hell, said bands must be prepared for the much deserved backlash when they tweet their outrage to Internet-verse. Enter Adam Levine, frontman for Maroon 5 who tweeted this from his Echofon on […]

Louie C.K., Expert Junk Jingler, to Appear on Fox News Red Eye

On tonight’s episode of Louie, comic mastermind and junk jingling aficionado Louie C.K. (AKA Louis C.K.) will be making an appearance on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. The reason you’ll see Mr. Louis C.K. on Fox News is because apparently his alter-ego, Louie, from his FX TV show Louie will be advocating for […]

Fox News “Co-Worker” Sarah Palin Treated Differently Than Others (VIDEO)

As if we didn’t already know, Fox “News” journalists, er, personalities have a difficult time expressing anything but enthusiasm for Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin considering her “Contributor” status to the network. Nevertheless, the inevitable finally happened when one of little cubs strayed too far from the den and actually admitted it. “The only problem with […]