When Annie Couldn’t Get Her Protection

Annie woke up one morning with a start, a sense of foreboding, downright dread. She realized she was in danger. She had been living without “protection.” We are of course talking about her constitutionally enshrined right to “protection.” I mean really, every woman should have a right to “protection,” right? What would she do if a […]

Republican Women Open Up (Their, ahem … )

Republican women are open about their opposition to government run anything.  They want the government out of the auto, banking and oil industries.  They want government out of the schools and hospitals.  But where do they want government? Our friends at  http://www.funnyordie.com/ asked this question recently of a handful of Republican women and not so […]

Mel Succumbs to Mitt Romnarcolepsy

Mel succumbs to Mitt Romnarcolepsy as the seemingly endless G.O.P. presidential campaign sheds former frontrunner Newt Gingrich, in favor of (yawn) Mitt Romney.

Soledad O’Brien Tries to Make Sense of Mitt Romney’s “I Am Not Concerned With the Poor” Comment

Soledad O’Brien tries to make sense of Mitt Romney’s “I’m not concerned about the very poor” comment.

Mitt Romney: Romney Gives Us The Slip?

Mitt Romney graciously gave the world a new bumper sticker line yesterday when he blatantly uttered those now classic, and yet, not retractable words “I am not concerned with the poor” (insert sigh here). Yes, he said it and we say… finally an honest politician. One has to wonder if somewhere in the White House […]

Post Office: A Refrigerator Has Never Been Hacked

Remember the last time you sent an email through your refrigerator? Or downloaded an ebook through your corkboard? Well, according to the United States Postal Service, you made a brilliant decision. As they explain to Americans in their latest round of commercials: A refrigerator has never been hacked. An online virus has never attacked a […]

The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Two-Party System

According to the experts at The Daily Show, “the two-party system is all about choosing the candidate you’re less in hate with — unless somebody’s wealthy grandpa ruins that.” In this segment, the correspondents discuss whether the two party system is a healthy system for the United States and where this idea of “only two” […]

Tim Pawlenty “Eats Shutdowns for Breakfast”, Wisconsonites for Lunch and Then a Sensible Dinner

In response to the Michele Obama’s replacing the old “food pyramid” with the new “food plate” because Americans are becoming both too fat and too xenophobic (yes, it’s a real word… look it up!), Tim Pawlenty released his new campaign video in which he openly admits that he “[eats] government shutdowns for breakfast!” I’ve heard […]

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Anthony Weiner’s Weinergate Overshadows Clarence Thomas, His Wife and Health Care Reform

We’re not saying that the lude tweet that appeared on Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account on Friday had anything to do with Friday’s release of Supreme Court Justice’s Clarence Thomas’ details of his wife’s income from her year working for the tea party group Liberty Central for which she received $150,000 …