NSA Makes First Arrest In Cyber War On Terror and It’s One of Their Own

  The NSA has been secretly gathering information on people via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for the past six years through a top secret program. According to secret documents obtained by RestoringTruthiness, it appears the NSA has made their first arrest in the cyber war on terror and it’s one of their own: NSA […]

CISPA’s Trust Fall: Trust Them, There’s No Catch

The government is here for you. They are asking for your trust regarding the sharing of your personal cyber information. You know, they want you to stand in front of them, cross your arms, close your eyes, and fall backwards. They will totally catch you. Okay, maybe they’re not “asking” but rather “forcing” you to […]

24 Hours without a fun Google Doodle

Louie C.K., Expert Junk Jingler, to Appear on Fox News Red Eye

On tonight’s episode of Louie, comic mastermind and junk jingling aficionado Louie C.K. (AKA Louis C.K.) will be making an appearance on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. The reason you’ll see Mr. Louis C.K. on Fox News is because apparently his alter-ego, Louie, from his FX TV show Louie will be advocating for […]