Suffering from Glenn Beck Stupidity Withdrawal?

It’s hasn’t been even a week since Glenn’s last show and already I know that you’re suffering withdrawal from a lack of  stupid Glenn Beck quotes. Fortunately, the one good thing that Glenn was always great at was providing stupid, insane and even hateful quotes. And there are literally hundreds of them. Here are just a few […]

The Glenn Beck Show Farewell (VIDEO)

With The Glenn Beck Show ending this past week, we felt it was our duty to give Glenn Beck and his Fox News show a proper send off. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for the memories! Related articles My Political Comedy Heroes at The Onion Deserve a Pulitzer (

My Political Comedy Heroes at The Onion Deserve a Pulitzer

It seems that I’ve been reading The Onion since I was a child. In fact, I used to switch my father’s newspaper with a copy of The Onion. Man was he constantly freaked out and on edge! I remember when this headline came out… “What the Hell is going on in the world today? I […]

Fox News Steven Crowder Claims The Daily Show and Jon Stewart Discriminate Against Conservatives

In probably the worst email ever written, The Daily Show has gotten themselves in hot water with the right. Since the show prides itself on its ability to showcase a multitude of viewpoints while attacking news networks that routinely do not, it’s no surprise that conservative comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was shocked when he received the following email response from The Daily Show’s booking department:

Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News in Ratings

Jon Stewart’s mockery of all things political has endeared him and his team at The Daily Show to enough real Americans that Stewart and TDS have made it to the top of the ratings heap toppling one of their frequent and deserving victims, the Fox News network.

Breitbart Challenges Jon Stewart to Cover Anthony Weiner Twitter Controversy

Andrew Brietbart, whose probably never watched an episode of The Daily Show (or else he’d already know the answer), questioned whether Jon Stewart would dare touch the Weinergate scandal that the news media has spent much of the weekend, Monday and Tuesday covering at the expense of other pressing issues …

Is Glenn Beck the New Jon Stewart of the Right?

After complaining last year that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert copied his Rally to Restore Honor on the National Mall with their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Glenn Beck might be planning to copy the two comedians with his own last night comedy show.

Fox News’ Glenn Beck’s Cartoon History of the Middle East (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck airs his cartoon version of the modern history of the Middle East prior to delving into a dialogue with his guests about how the United States needs to stand with Israel. After seemingly bragging in the cartoon that the Israelis “kicked ass” during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, he then refers to Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudi Arabians, etc. as “those wacky Arabs.” Ha! HA! That was funny! (sarcasm)

Fox News Eric Bolling Wants China-Like Working Conditions In US (VIDEO)

If a Chinese worker commits suicide but no union is there to identify the body do they really die?

Cryptkeeper to Host the Daily Show says Jon Stewart

According to Jon Stewart, the current host of The Daily Show, in ten years time the Cryptkeeper will be taking over as host of the popular Comedy Central news show.