WWJD? Heck If Cardinal Timmy Dolan Knows

Ann Telnaes There’s a war a-brewing within the Catholic Church: conservative Catholics vs. the moderate and liberal Catholics. The latest battle surrounds the 43 lawsuits against the Obama Administration concerning women’s health, oops, I mean, religious liberty to deny women’s health led by the infamous Cardinal Timothy Dolan. As noted by the Washington Post, “the […]

Limbaugh to Sandra Fluke: Free Condoms and Lube, You Slut, That’s All You Get, And I Get to Watch!

That about sums up what Rush Limbaugh had to say in the last few days regarding women’s rights to contraception. Oh that and Sandra Fluke’s a prostitute and a slut. Sandra Fluke, by the way, is the third-year law student, who testified about Georgetown University’s policy on contraception during an unofficial hearing on Capitol Hill […]

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! Munk Plays The Race Card

If his YouTube description ain’t enough to communication his meaning, then his video will. “Social scientist” Felonious Munk will be appearing with a panel intellectuals on Wednesday, November 9th at Pace University to discuss “the effects that education has on blackness in these ‘Post-Racial’ times”. Two other scholars include Marc Lamont Hill, an Associate Professor of […]