Breaking: Rick Perry Campaign Video Stolen From MTV

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with the new Rick Perry campaign video. In the video Mr. Perry is climbing the delicate grassy slope of what appears to be a golf course, wearing his I’m-gonna-go-clear-the-snow-off-the-sidewalk jacket, complaining about homosexuals in chorus with a music bed of weak wind instruments. The video has been remixed and parodied […]

Michele Bachmann: Washington is not listening to ‘The People’

Russia is nowhere near her house; Putin, er, Medvedev won’t be flying over her anytime soon; and she might actually remember a few of the newspapers she’s read in her lifetime. Michele Bachmann is not Sarah Palin lite. She is her own woman. And thank God because that would be really boring.

Tracy Morgan Blows It With Hate-filled Anti-Gay Rant – Attempts Apology (VIDEO)

Remember when Mel Gibson had a career? That was fun. Well this is kinda like that. After months of hearing nothing but heterosexual sex scandals in the news media, Tracy Morgan took the time during his stand up routine in Nashville recently to remind his audience that it’s the homos that are the “mistakes.” Kevin […]