But Were You Ever Poor, Mitt Romney?

As the Republican primaries march ever closer, like an unstoppable tsunami of beige paint, one-time frontrunner Mitt Romney is trying to change his image from an out of touch 200 million dollar 1-percenter to a more in touch man of the people who understands what it is like to be poor.  How is ol’ Mitt […]

Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Petraeus are Nazis

Our military is run by Nazis! And it’s not just the Commander in Chief, Barack Obama. No it’s the generals as well. According to Rush Limbaugh, Obama is just like Hitler (we’ve all heard that before – it’s Nazi Tourette’s). But the real problem is that apparently General Petraeus and the rest of the generals […]

Ben Stein’s Right, Rich Economists Don’t Rape Women

Finally someone is defending powerful men and this time it’s Ben Stein! He is defending the distinguished Dominique Strauss-Kahn against the accusations of an ordinary hotel maid, who has accused DSK of rape, by simply questioning the deeper meaning and potential conspiracy surrounding the case.