Fox News vs Maroon 5 and Adam Levine: Epic Saga in Summary

As much as any band can probably understand Maroon 5’s horror at hearing their hard work blasting from the pits of Fox News hell, said bands must be prepared for the much deserved backlash when they tweet their outrage to Internet-verse. Enter Adam Levine, frontman for Maroon 5 who tweeted this from his Echofon on […]

NAILED! Occupy Wall Street Protester Educates Fox News Reporter

For some reason, this didn’t make it to air on Fox News. No idea why.

Roger Ailes Says Fox News Has Course Corrected

If strawberries, blueberries, limes and lemons leave a bad taste in your mouth then you haven’t been to one of Roger Ailes pre-prime-time Fox News televised debates with the infamous backstage smoothie bar! Last Thursday was Mr. Ailes chance to showcase the new and improved – ahem! – Fair and Balanced skills of his Fox […]

Tea Party Zombies Must Die Says StarvingEyes Game Company

Are you ready for some zombie arse-kicking?! Well, look no further! Brooklyn-based “advergaming” company StarvingEyes has created the best game ever in “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”! What could be better than backtracking on our pledge for civility, whipping out the virtual violence, and assassinating Americans all in the name of political righteousness?! Okay, yeah, […]

The Early Warning Signs of 2012 Presidential Election Media Overload

The Glenn Beck Show Farewell (VIDEO)

With The Glenn Beck Show ending this past week, we felt it was our duty to give Glenn Beck and his Fox News show a proper send off. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for the memories! Related articles My Political Comedy Heroes at The Onion Deserve a Pulitzer (

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

What Cats Think About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Fox News Mistakes Tina Fey For Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

The Mistress of Disguise, Tina Fey, was able to pull on over on Fox News without even trying today as the “news” network mistakenly displayed an image of Fey as Sarah Palin while discussing Palin’s something or other. This is a direct violation of Fox News strict code of “zero tolerance for on-screen errors.” In fact, in the past Fox News had issued a stern memo saying the following:

Fox News Steven Crowder Claims The Daily Show and Jon Stewart Discriminate Against Conservatives

In probably the worst email ever written, The Daily Show has gotten themselves in hot water with the right. Since the show prides itself on its ability to showcase a multitude of viewpoints while attacking news networks that routinely do not, it’s no surprise that conservative comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was shocked when he received the following email response from The Daily Show’s booking department:

Sarah Palin was Right About Paul Revere, Says Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Facing her toughest critic to date, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin defended her version of American history, in which Paul Revere “warned the British,” saying that she didn’t get it wrong. Palin began by explaining that her publicity tour was not a publicity tour. Instead, it was a publicity tour where she will […]