Roger Ailes Says Fox News Has Course Corrected

If strawberries, blueberries, limes and lemons leave a bad taste in your mouth then you haven’t been to one of Roger Ailes pre-prime-time Fox News televised debates with the infamous backstage smoothie bar! Last Thursday was Mr. Ailes chance to showcase the new and improved – ahem! – Fair and Balanced skills of his Fox […]

Koch Brothers plan to Clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano

It’s true the Koch Brothers plan to clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano. And all this time you were thinking that folks on the right were against cloning and all that sciency stuff. Me, too! I know, right? Well, apparently they want to clone themselves in order to save the country. That’s a good reason, […]

Gay GOP Candidate Fred Karger Kicks Fox News in the Nads (Video Interview)

“TGIS, motherf*ckers!” That’s gotta be what Rupert Murdoch is thinking right now after having to endure a Friday like no other. On August 19th, 2011, News Corp. received a shot to the nads from within the Republican Party. Fred Karger, the first openly gay presidential candidate from either major political party, filed a complaint with […]

Fox News Megyn Kelly Impersonates a Democrat – Claims Jon Stewart Took Her Out of Context

Either Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same when it comes to their beliefs on entitlements, or somebody is playing a sick and twisted game of “Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch.” In a recent, exclusive, detailed interview with Mediaite, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly sat down to discuss a myriad of issues […]

Louie C.K., Expert Junk Jingler, to Appear on Fox News Red Eye

On tonight’s episode of Louie, comic mastermind and junk jingling aficionado Louie C.K. (AKA Louis C.K.) will be making an appearance on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. The reason you’ll see Mr. Louis C.K. on Fox News is because apparently his alter-ego, Louie, from his FX TV show Louie will be advocating for […]

Fox News “Co-Worker” Sarah Palin Treated Differently Than Others (VIDEO)

As if we didn’t already know, Fox “News” journalists, er, personalities have a difficult time expressing anything but enthusiasm for Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin considering her “Contributor” status to the network. Nevertheless, the inevitable finally happened when one of little cubs strayed too far from the den and actually admitted it. “The only problem with […]

Fox News’ Shepard Smith on Caylee’s Law: I’m not sure what the motive is (VIDEO)

Fox News is so against any proposed new Caylee’s Law that now Shepard Smith is attacking Republican congressman Bill Hager who proposed a law in Florida which would make it a felony to not report the disappearance of a child in a timely manner. While they and others have brought up some legitimate concerns regarding […]

The Early Warning Signs of 2012 Presidential Election Media Overload

Suffering from Glenn Beck Stupidity Withdrawal?

It’s hasn’t been even a week since Glenn’s last show and already I know that you’re suffering withdrawal from a lack of  stupid Glenn Beck quotes. Fortunately, the one good thing that Glenn was always great at was providing stupid, insane and even hateful quotes. And there are literally hundreds of them. Here are just a few […]

The Glenn Beck Show Farewell (VIDEO)

With The Glenn Beck Show ending this past week, we felt it was our duty to give Glenn Beck and his Fox News show a proper send off. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for the memories! Related articles My Political Comedy Heroes at The Onion Deserve a Pulitzer (