NSA Makes First Arrest In Cyber War On Terror and It’s One of Their Own

  The NSA has been secretly gathering information on people via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for the past six years through a top secret program. According to secret documents obtained by RestoringTruthiness, it appears the NSA has made their first arrest in the cyber war on terror and it’s one of their own: NSA […]

How Mainstream Media Can Better Handle National Tragedies

1. For the Love of Everything Holy, Stop Telling Me How to Make Bombs Stop telling me how easy it is to make a bomb. I spent the afternoon of the Boston Marathon bombing in L.A. traffic, screaming at my radio as they told me just how easily I could make my very own explosive […]

Guy Yells “Allahu Akbar” in Crowded “Theater”

“Mysterious markings” have been discovered on the underbellies of Southwest Airline planes and has prompted an FBI investigation. The writing, according to many media reports, is believed to be in Arabic or something that looks like Arabic – but apparently anyone that could actually read Arabic and tell us whether it actually is Arabic or […]