Stephen Colbert Exposes His Unambiguously Grey Matter on SNL (VIDEO)

As Ace and Gary team up to “fight crime in their usual, awkward fashion,” Big Head (voiced by Robert Smigel but apparently performed live by Steve Carell according to the credits*), Dr. Brainio (Stephen Colbert) and there crew try to make sense out of what they are seeing from ……… The Ambiguously Gay Duo!!!

Stephen Colbert on a Soup Can?

Apparently there are some odd happenings going on in the Big Apple lately. Large posters of what looks to be Campbell’s Soup cans are appearing in rather conspicuous places such as public mailboxes and the walls of private businesses on what would ordinarily be a typical New York city street. But upon closer inspection these aren’t Campbell’s Soup cans at all.

Ladies, Have You Been Vertically Degraded?

Do you have dark circles, dull frizzy hair, stretch marks, or back fat? If so, there’s an ineffective solution to your fabricated sense of insecurity generated by companies such as Unilever.

Stephen Colbert Tells Jon Stewart to Go F*** Himself

Unfortunately, that meant he beat his compatriot in late night on Comedy Central, and Stephen Colbert has had about enough of coming in second….

Stephen Colbert Brushes with Death from Amoebic Dysentery On “Cruise to Bermuda”

It was 2005 and Stephen Colbert was 777-miles into the Bermuda Triangle. He was all alone except of course for …

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When Stephen Colbert auctioned off his self-portrait this March, he raised a total of $26000 to benefit students in need. Little did …

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Shriver recently appeared on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to discuss the (mis)use of the word with Report host Stephen Colbert. Over the course …