Dear Hilary Rosen, Stay At Home Moms are not Sluts!

How dare Hilary Rosen call Stay at Home Moms sluts and prostitutes! Were does she get off?! Just because these hard working women spend their days changing sheets, cleaning up all sorts of bodily fluid, carpooling, etc. doesn’t mean they’re sluts and prostitutes! Remember, they don’t get paid to do this. What? She didn’t call […]

Joe Biden: Not The Average Joe

Once again us political writers have an opportunity to write about brazen political mishaps. This time is it regarding Vice President Joe Biden. While speaking at a fundraising in Washington DC Mr. Biden made a statement about how the Republican candidates “don’t know what it means to be middle class.” The witty Vice President (VP) […]

Election Poisoning

A man stumbles into a hospital and claims he’s dying. A doctor looks him over, puts him in a bed and then calls over a nurse, shaking his head. The nurse asks what’s wrong. “Symptoms include pride/shame in being an Iowan, anticipation for something insignificant, and a hunger for sound bites taken out of context. […]

Wonkette’s Review of Horror Movie Sequel “Texas Governor For President Part 2”

It’s official. Wonkette is now getting into the preemptive movie review business. And their first review stars Texas governor Rick Perry who led a religious revival this weekend called “The Response.” The movie , however, is simply title “Texas Governor For President Part 2.” But don’t be fooled by the downplayed title as Wonkette explains: […]

Republican and Democratic Leadership, Pull Your Heads Out of Your A***s!

WARNING: I’m not really going for funny today because Washington seems to be even more “stupid” today than they normally are. Earlier this morning I watched this little clip which claimed that Obama was “out of touch and arrogant”: Well, just because someone points out the truth doesn’t really make them arrogant. Frankly, we live […]

Suspicious Package Found At Weiner’s Office, Seriously

Oh the fun just never ends! Now a suspicious package shows up outside former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s congressional office. Get it “suspicious package”. What a knee-slapper that is! Yeah, see apparently a box of CDs mistaken for, oh I don’t know, a BOMB appeared mysteriously in front of Rep Weiner’s office shortly before he was […]

Former Clinton Adviser Storms Off Fox News Set During Fiery Medicare Debate

You know when you’ve just had enough. You just don’t have it in you anymore. You’re trying desperately to make your point in a heated debate but you’ve had this debate 6,483 times before and made little to no progress with the opposition. Not to mention, your foe keeps cutting you off every time you’re just about to get to your point. Mad frustration.

Jon Stewart Critizes Media for Avoiding Key Shutdown and Budget Issues (VIDEO)

Although the country barely escaped from the completely, totally, absolutely, and thoroughly preventable federal government shutdown this past Friday, both Democrats and Republicans were anxious to declare a political victory for their respective parties. However, last night, Jon Stewart dared to ask the important questions like …