Dear Hilary Rosen, Stay At Home Moms are not Sluts!

How dare Hilary Rosen call Stay at Home Moms sluts and prostitutes! Were does she get off?! Just because these hard working women spend their days changing sheets, cleaning up all sorts of bodily fluid, carpooling, etc. doesn’t mean they’re sluts and prostitutes! Remember, they don’t get paid to do this. What? She didn’t call […]

Rick Perry Out, Taps Newt Gingrich’s Ass

Rick Perry has officially taken his ass out of the 2012 presidential race and tapped the ass of Newt Gingrich. Yes, we know that donkeys are typically associated with the Democratic Party, but we are simply using the term “ass” in the sense that they are domestic horselike mammals that are often entered into races. […]

Super Committee Official Statement of Failure

“After months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion today that it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee’s deadline. “Despite our inability to bridge the committee’s significant differences, we end this process united in our belief that the nation’s fiscal […]

The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Democratic Party

The Daily Show correspondents have exposed the truth behind the facade of the Democratic Party which is that they are actually “in love with illegal gay Mexicans, Twitter porn and tree-hugging.” The correspondents also discuss what it’s like at a Democratic Party Picnic where you can get a little of everything including some of Jimmy […]

Matt Damon for President as Leader of the New Democrats or Democrats 2.0?

Michael Moore joined in on a town hall webinar discussion with on Sunday to talk about lots of ideas including the idea of forming a new third party. Jane Hamsher from then asked him the inevitable “Who do you see as a third party challenger?” Moore’s response? Jason Bourne! I mean, Matt Damon! […]

After the Near Default

What are people thinking now that we may have averted a near economic collapse, possibly, maybe, sort of?

Iffy Debt Ceiling Deal: “‘To the pain,’ means the first thing you lose will be…”

Okay so no one is going to lose their feet below the ankles, then their hands at the wrists, next their nose, then their left eye, followed by the right – unless you’re on Medicare, maybe. But supposedly there is a tentative debt ceiling deal in the works between the Republicans and Democrats, and it’s […]

Allen West Doesn’t Know Arse from Hole in House Floor

Allen West, freshman congressman from Florida, is a little wet behind the ears. Apparently he confused his arsehole with a House floor debate. It happens. And you thought politics wasn’t interesting. Anyway, the confusion began when Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also a congressperson from Florida, whose district just so happens to neighbor West’s district, remarked on […]

Republican and Democratic Leadership, Pull Your Heads Out of Your A***s!

WARNING: I’m not really going for funny today because Washington seems to be even more “stupid” today than they normally are. Earlier this morning I watched this little clip which claimed that Obama was “out of touch and arrogant”: Well, just because someone points out the truth doesn’t really make them arrogant. Frankly, we live […]

Tim Pawlenty “Eats Shutdowns for Breakfast”, Wisconsonites for Lunch and Then a Sensible Dinner

In response to the Michele Obama’s replacing the old “food pyramid” with the new “food plate” because Americans are becoming both too fat and too xenophobic (yes, it’s a real word… look it up!), Tim Pawlenty released his new campaign video in which he openly admits that he “[eats] government shutdowns for breakfast!” I’ve heard […]