Mitt Romney & Barack Obama: The Middle Man?

When I was a younger person in around 1984 I went to see the movie “The Karate Kid” (mostly because I had a crush on Ralph Macchio but that is another story). There was a scene in the movie where Noriyuki “Pat” Morita’s character “Mr. Miyagi” is talking to Ralph Macchio’s character aiming to give […]

Santorum for Dummies: Obama Allowed ‘Slaughter’ of Iran Protesters

We are going to attempt the impossible: translating Santorum. Before you say it! We’re not translating the meaning of the word “Santorum.” We all know what that means. We are going to attempt to translate Santorum’s actual words. I know, right?! We’re crazy like that. While discussing the 2006 Iran Freedom and Support Act at […]

Republican Senator John Sullivan: When Democracy Doesn’t Work Just Shoot the Opposition [VIDEO]

Apparently, Republican Senator John Sullivan of Oklahoma is not a big fan of democracy these days. See his favorite budget bill, the hip-n-happenin’ Paul Ryan Budget that has been all the rage with the GOP for the last year, didn’t win the Senatorial Award for Best Bill of the Year nor did it get passed […]

#OccupyAtlanta Mutated From #OccupyWallStreet into The Blob! Don’t let John Lewis Speak?!

The human microphone, finger wiggles and groupthink got in the way of letting Civil Rights Leader John Lewis speaking to The Blob at Occupy Atlanta! Seriously, WTF happened to OccupyAtlanta? First off, what’s with the uber-creepy, human microphone crap? I get that actual microphones are a city violation and all, but this human microphone thing […]

Michio Kaku on the next 100 years

In his new book, “Physics of the Future”, Michio Kaku predicts how technology will revolutionize life in the 22nd century