The Tea Party Parties as the US Declines

The American Public in Wonderland. The tea party even Alice could never have imagined in her wildest dream. “More tea, Alice? Drink up!”

After the Near Default

What are people thinking now that we may have averted a near economic collapse, possibly, maybe, sort of?

Jon Stewart to Obama: You’re Not Pinning This Debt-Deal Turd on Us

After returning from Afghanistan with a renewed sense of pride in America, Daily Show host Jon Stewart was relieved to find a “Ramadan miracle.” Congress passed a debt deal. However, when he found out what was included in the deal, passing a kidney stone might have made him feel better. Apparently he wanted what the […]

Iffy Debt Ceiling Deal: “‘To the pain,’ means the first thing you lose will be…”

Okay so no one is going to lose their feet below the ankles, then their hands at the wrists, next their nose, then their left eye, followed by the right – unless you’re on Medicare, maybe. But supposedly there is a tentative debt ceiling deal in the works between the Republicans and Democrats, and it’s […]

Hitting Our Heads on the Debt Ceiling

A Reading List for Following the Debt Ceiling Drama

by Braden Goyette ProPublica, July 28, 2011, 9:45 a.m. We’re updating this reading list continuously as new stories and resources on the debt ceiling debate come out. The most recent updates are starred (*). Congress has until a week from today to raise the debt ceiling, the cap on the amount of money the Treasury […]

Republican and Democratic Leadership, Pull Your Heads Out of Your A***s!

WARNING: I’m not really going for funny today because Washington seems to be even more “stupid” today than they normally are. Earlier this morning I watched this little clip which claimed that Obama was “out of touch and arrogant”: Well, just because someone points out the truth doesn’t really make them arrogant. Frankly, we live […]