Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News in Ratings

Jon Stewart’s mockery of all things political has endeared him and his team at The Daily Show to enough real Americans that Stewart and TDS have made it to the top of the ratings heap toppling one of their frequent and deserving victims, the Fox News network.

Breitbart Challenges Jon Stewart to Cover Anthony Weiner Twitter Controversy

Andrew Brietbart, whose probably never watched an episode of The Daily Show (or else he’d already know the answer), questioned whether Jon Stewart would dare touch the Weinergate scandal that the news media has spent much of the weekend, Monday and Tuesday covering at the expense of other pressing issues …

Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly Poll Hijacked by Reddit Stoners

Apparently Daily Show slackers were too stoned to simply hop on the Internet, navigate to a webpage and click a button to vote in Bill O’Reilly’s online poll regarding who won his debate with Jon Stewart that aired Monday night on The O’Reilly Factor. Instead, they took the easy road and logged on the net, went to Reddit, ordered some pizza (no anchovies) and cracked open a box of Nilla Wafers, hatched a devious plan to rig the system, and then celebrated when it was over.

The Story Pirates: This Movie is About Cats Flying

“This story is about cats flying.” Based on this sentence by 8 year-old Jah-Kym McMillan, and adapted into a film short by The Story Pirates.

Jon Stewart Campaigns for Pirates

Just when you thought the waters were safe, it turns out that pirates are making a comeback with the help of Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Is Glenn Beck the New Jon Stewart of the Right?

After complaining last year that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert copied his Rally to Restore Honor on the National Mall with their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Glenn Beck might be planning to copy the two comedians with his own last night comedy show.

Bill O’Reilly Inadvertently Proves the Theory of Evolution

If you smelled a whiff of bacon on Wednesday night while watching The Daily Show, don’t be alarmed. It turns out that a significant portion of the swine population has successfully mutated and developed wings.

Stewart Calls Trump Like He Sees Him: A F***wad

With the Republican nominations still up in the air for the 2012 presidential election, a small herd of elephants has dipped their stumps in the water as a test to see if the oval office is in their future.

Jon Stewart Critizes Media for Avoiding Key Shutdown and Budget Issues (VIDEO)

Although the country barely escaped from the completely, totally, absolutely, and thoroughly preventable federal government shutdown this past Friday, both Democrats and Republicans were anxious to declare a political victory for their respective parties. However, last night, Jon Stewart dared to ask the important questions like …

Cryptkeeper to Host the Daily Show says Jon Stewart

According to Jon Stewart, the current host of The Daily Show, in ten years time the Cryptkeeper will be taking over as host of the popular Comedy Central news show.