Highly Caffeinated But Completely Sober Rep. Joe Walsh Yells at Constituents

We’ve all experienced them. Heck, I admit it, I’ve been one of them – the drunk annoying ahole at the bar screaming at people to shut up and “LISTEN! Damn it! Fiscal conservativism wooould n-never work on ship like Cloud 9, you fracking idiot! So shshshshut it!” So I could totally understand when I first […]

NAILED! Occupy Wall Street Protester Educates Fox News Reporter

For some reason, this didn’t make it to air on Fox News. No idea why.

Ann Coulter’s New Book was Originally an Autobiography

Ann Coulter’s new book Demonic was originally going to be an autobiography but after the substance of the book changed somehow the copy editor missed renaming the title of the book. Needless to say, Coulter is demanding that the copy editor be sent to Gitmo and waterboarded. Nevertheless, the subtitle “How the Liberal Mob is […]