Was Stephen Colbert Part of Seal Team 6?

Was Stephen Colbert part of Seal Team 6? According to Lorraine McLees, one of the artists at Bungie who created and designed the Halo Universe … hell no! Okay, we’re speaking for her, but probably not; we don’t want to start any conspiracy theories here. Nevertheless, she did create an awesome caricature of Colbert decked out in Seal-Team-meets-Halo-esque garb that would blow scare the brains out of any America-hating, terrorist-loving, multi-billionaire, wannabe Jihadist.

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez Visits with Stephen Colbert

Arturo Rodriguez invites Americans who think immigrant farm workers are taking away jobs to work in the fields. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Arturo Rodriguez www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive Related articles Colbert-Stewart 2012 – Northern Arizona News (blog) (restoringtruthiness.org) Stephen Colbert Enters Politics […]

Ladies, Have You Been Vertically Degraded?

Do you have dark circles, dull frizzy hair, stretch marks, or back fat? If so, there’s an ineffective solution to your fabricated sense of insecurity generated by companies such as Unilever.

Cryptkeeper to Host the Daily Show says Jon Stewart

According to Jon Stewart, the current host of The Daily Show, in ten years time the Cryptkeeper will be taking over as host of the popular Comedy Central news show.

Stephen Colbert Tells Jon Stewart to Go F*** Himself

Unfortunately, that meant he beat his compatriot in late night on Comedy Central, and Stephen Colbert has had about enough of coming in second….

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama Campaign Video: From ‘Yes We Can’ To ‘You Know, Whatever’ – Mediaite.com

To no one’s surprise, Barack Obama announced earlier today that he will seek a second term in the 2012 election, complete with promotional video featuring …

Which TV News People Should make The ‘Time 100′? – mediabistro.com

Right now there are 203 candidates on the list, and only a small handful are from the TV news realm (assuming you don’t count Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert). Only…

Fox’s Media Criticism Show Ignores Bill Sammon’s Cruise Ship Confession – Media Matters for America (blog)

The revelation was covered by numerous media outlets and drew criticism from veteran newsroom leaders as well…

Don’t Use the Word “Retard” Anymore, You Reta – I mean – Douche Bag!

It turns out Sarah Palin was right after all. Now I have to go wash my mouth out with soap.

Stephen Colbert’s New PAC, SEC’s New Shareholder Rights and More in Capital … – Center for Responsive Politics

COLBERT READIES HIS OWN PAC: On Wednesday night, comedian Stephen Colbert talked political action committees with Trevor Potter, the head of the Campaign Legal Center …