Restoring Truthiness Comedian to Perform at LA’s Comedy Store

Restoring Truthiness cartoonist (and comedy performer) Molly Brandenburg will perform as her lounge act character, Miss Peggy Judy, on Monday night, February 20 at the legendary Comedy Store Club at 8433 W. Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood, at 8PM, in a lineup of comedians. $10 cover. Ms. Brandenburg’s cartoons can be seen as a regular feature […]

Baby Disgusted at Stephen Colbert and Spirit of Juno for Second Place Finish in Charleston Bermuda Race

We couldn’t help but notice the only one not smiling in this photo. Apparently she understood the gravity of the situation and was not to thrilled with a second place finish. You can guarantee daddy will not be getting any snuggles or goochie-goos when he gets home tonight!

Colbert and Spirit of Juno Arrive in Bermuda (VIDEOS)

Regardless of the lack of natural wind in the air to lift their sails, apparently Stephen Colbert provided enough hot air to propel his boat the Spirit of Juno and his crew mates to second to cross the finish line (we’re still waiting on the official results). Colbert and crew arrived at St. George’s Harbour around sunrise after crossing the East End finish line at approximately 5 am. After blaming mother nature for holding SOJ back, Colbert expressed optimism that his crew could still be the winning team…

Colbert vs. Cooper: Stephen Colbert Makes Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList (Video)

The ratings war is officially on! Let the media feud commence! Any one taking any bets? What’s the over-under?

Joe Biden Takes a Snoozer During Obama’s Speech

Or is he just “resting his eyes?”

Stephen Colbert Tells Jon Stewart to Go F*** Himself

Unfortunately, that meant he beat his compatriot in late night on Comedy Central, and Stephen Colbert has had about enough of coming in second….

Flashback: Stephen Colbert – The Gentle Television Network

On GTN, The Gentle Television Network, Stephen Colbert reports as Bill Clifford with a commentary on public school violence.

Colbert Throws Tempter Tantrum Over Wisconsin Judge Who Blocked Anti-Union Law – TPM LiveWire

Who does that Wisconsin judge, who blocked Gov. Scott walkers (R) anti-union law, think she is? His mom? …

Stephen Colbert Follows in Footsteps of Palin, Pawlenty, Starts “ColbertPac” – Neon Tommy

Is Stephen Colbert jumping from the comedy world to the political world? The host of the Comedy Central program “The Colbert Report,” …

The Comedy Awards: Stephen Colbert Hijacks Jon Stewart’s Acceptance Speech (VIDEO) – Huffington Post (satire)

So, when Jon Stewart went to accept “The Daily Show’s” first Comedy Award for Best Late Night Comedy Series, Colbert was right …