Religious Program Club36: Pokemon Are “Oriental Demons”

An “unbiased,” Georgia-based, religious program has denounced the popular children’s franchise Pokemon as being demonic. The program, Club36, called the cartoon monsters “Oriental Demons” and says that they get more and more demonic as they evolve and that the monsters are actually named after demons. This raises another question. What isn’t demonic? We reached out […]

Chris Christie Says No: In Related News, GOP Suffers Mad Case of Blue Balls

The super sexy Chris Christie, the Angelina Jolie of the Republican presidential race for the past couple weeks, the Marilyn Monroe of the GOP has officially pulled out of the race. Okay, he was never in the race; he just teased all of us with statements like, “No, I am sooo not going to run, […]

Surly Singing Starbucks Server – Ahem, Barista – Gets Fired (VIDEOS)

Oh sad day! First, REM breaks up and now this news comes out (okay it happened on Tuesday but CNN didn’t tell me until today). The Singing Starbucks Badass Barista (AKA Christopher Cristwell) was fired today. Frownie face. All because he posted a little video on YouTube (haven’t we all) in which he was mostly […]

NAILED! Alaskan Confronts Sarah Palin’s Hubby About Palin’s Resignation (VIDEO)

Moments after Todd Palin glowingly tells Iowa State Fairgoers to catch the action-packed summer blockbuster “The Undefeated” starring Sarah Palin as Super-Governor, a lowly little Alaskan popped up out of nowhere and rained on his parade! The unnamed patriot was caught on video by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Dollar Store Microphone Department, as Mediaite puts […]

Don Lemon Gets Colbert Bump, Daily Show Grind and a Set of Balls (VIDEOS)

After receiving the Colbert bump and the Daily Show grind last week, CNN anchor Don Lemon has definitely turned up the heat on our nation’s politicians despite the network’s insistence on using Lemon in their gimmicky stunts. As Jon Stewart explains: It turns out reporter Don Lemon prefers reporting such stories as the uprisings in […]

Phone Hacking: News Corp’s Exploits Starving Children in Editorial Cartoon

In an attempt to change the subject or to raise the question of “Why the heck is everyone so mad at little old News Corps when there are starving children in the world?” News Corps’ Times of London ran a shocking political cartoon that should have your hair on end. Here it is: Mediate’s Alex […]

The Early Warning Signs of 2012 Presidential Election Media Overload

Nancy Pelosi: Eric Cantor Can’t Handle The Truth! What’d She Really Want To Say?

Of course, Nancy Pelosi’s camp will totally deny that she was thinking any of this but I don’t think I’m too far off base. Sure, she might look like a nice lady but let’s just say that you don’t get to be Speaker of the House without being a bit of a pit bull. Plus, […]

Tracy Morgan Actively Commits to His Apology Regarding His Gay Rant

It appears Tracy Morgan may have actually meant what he said. No, not that he would kill his hypothetical gay son, but that he was sorry for saying that he would kill his hypothetical gay son. After Morgan released the apology last Friday, many, including yours truly, questioned his sincerity believing that he needed to […]

Ann Coulter’s Hypothetical Gay Son Was Adopted

After refusing to answer hypothetical personal questions from the fearsome Piers Morgan on CNN last week, the fearless Ann Coulter ran to Fox News host Hannity to finally answer the question: “Ann. If your children were born homosexual, what would you do?” Wait, let’s put this in its proper context. As Hannity said it: If […]