Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again!

Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Rally for Votes in South Carolina

It might be the first time ever that someone actually told a throng of rally-goers NOT to vote for them for president of the United States … of South Carolina. That’s just what Herman Cain did on Friday after Stephen Colbert spent the first seven plus minutes of their joint rally at the College of […]

Gingrich Mistaken for Michael Moore, Booed, Escorted out of his Supporters’ Meeting

Newt Gingrich whining about the excessive role of money in election? Reminds me how Taliban complained about the excessive role of religion in politics, or Jack the Ripper’s 1889 interview to The Daily Telegraph complaining about the excessive role of knives in gender relations. Gingrich and $ have been a loving, harmonious couple for decades. […]

Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC Releases Rick Parry Campaign Videos (Yup, PLURAL!)

AMERICA – Colbert Super PAC released a TV ad today in advance of the Quadrennial Ames Iowa Straw Poll – held this year in Ames, Iowa. The ad, entitled “Episode IV: A New Hope” urges Iowans to write in the name of Texas Governor Rick Parry. Thanks to last year’s Supreme Court ruling in Citizens […]