Rick Perry Out, Taps Newt Gingrich’s Ass

Rick Perry has officially taken his ass out of the 2012 presidential race and tapped the ass of Newt Gingrich. Yes, we know that donkeys are typically associated with the Democratic Party, but we are simply using the term “ass” in the sense that they are domestic horselike mammals that are often entered into races. […]

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Boycotts Washington Politicians

Washington public officials might want to inspect their mocha lattes before sipping them if they purchase their coffee at Starbucks anytime in the near future. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz is concocting a boycott of contributions to the campaigns of Washington politicians. And while the boycott might only be on political campaign contributions, you can be sure there’s no boycott on bodily fluid contributions.

Michele Bachmann: Washington is not listening to ‘The People’

Russia is nowhere near her house; Putin, er, Medvedev won’t be flying over her anytime soon; and she might actually remember a few of the newspapers she’s read in her lifetime. Michele Bachmann is not Sarah Palin lite. She is her own woman. And thank God because that would be really boring.

Republican and Democratic Leadership, Pull Your Heads Out of Your A***s!

WARNING: I’m not really going for funny today because Washington seems to be even more “stupid” today than they normally are. Earlier this morning I watched this little clip which claimed that Obama was “out of touch and arrogant”: Well, just because someone points out the truth doesn’t really make them arrogant. Frankly, we live […]