Obama’s Deficit Plan – Whose Class Warfare Is it?

It’s no surprise that the Republican leadership has their Calvin’s in a bunch over President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan. By golly, it has a provision in it that would call for an increase in taxes on a specific economic class in America. That is simply Un-American. Of course we’re referring to the poor rich […]

Jon Stewart to Obama: You’re Not Pinning This Debt-Deal Turd on Us

After returning from Afghanistan with a renewed sense of pride in America, Daily Show host Jon Stewart was relieved to find a “Ramadan miracle.” Congress passed a debt deal. However, when he found out what was included in the deal, passing a kidney stone might have made him feel better. Apparently he wanted what the […]

Medicalypse! CBO Spells It Out For House Budget Committee But They Still Don’t Get It

Congressional Budget Office Director, Doug Elmendorf, testified before the House Budget Committee today that there were two paths that the country could take with regard to entitlements and the economy: 1) reduce spending and let the Bush tax cuts expire or 2) bring on Medicalypse! In his testimony, Elmendorf warned the committee that spending on […]