Black Friday, Penn State Riots vs. Tea Party and #OWS

Black Friday, Penn State Riots vs Tea Party and OWS

The reality check America needs right now could not be better explained than by Tommy Christopher of Mediaite in his piece Why America Is Doomed: We Riot For Waffle Irons And Disgraced Football Coaches. After watching endless replays of the pepper spraying cop at UC Davis fumigate a row of peacefully protesting students, it was [...]

Police Body Slam Grandpa at Arizona Wal-Mart

Police Body Slam Grandpa into Ground at Arizona Wal-Mart

Video games are the manna of every young boy’s exodus from reality. That’s why 54-year-old Jerald Newman was keen on treating his grandson to a couple of games when the family took a trip to Wal-Mart on the greatest shopping day of the year, Black Friday: a day to save and to engage in a [...]

Black Friday rings in the spirit of giving


When you see a grown woman sprint to a table full of fleece sweatshirts despite being the first customer in the store and parents keeping their babies out until 3 in the morning just because there is a sale, something inside you changes. Such was the case for me yesterday/today from 9 PM to 5 [...]