Fox News Contributor and Femi-NOTzi Liz Trotta: Military Women Should ‘Expect’ to Get Raped

According to the latest what-the-f*** from Fox News, military women are being raped just a leettle too much.  Oh, and of course it’s all their fault for, you know, standing next to men. Speaking in regards to a sex abuse report ordered by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Trotta explains: TROTTA: I think they have actually […]

Iran Afraid of Dolls, Barbie Insurgency Continues

Girl being corrupted by dolls. Iran has delivered another blow to the Barbie Insurgency by shutting down toy stores daring to sell the filthy American dolls. For decades these domestic doll terrorists have been infiltrating Iran’s borders! According to Iran’s judiciary Barbie and Ken are “dangerous” and “destructive” like a “Trojan Horse sneaking in Western […]