Political musings … updated Nov. 12

Occupy Wall Street will never become Main Street. The problem with the movement is that its slogan always is, “Something is wrong but I don’t know what!” It’s time to figure out the “what.” Is it more taxes? If so, to whom? When? What about just cutting loopholes? Generating revenue is tricky, but someone’s gotta […]

Wells Fargo Flash Mob — Times Square

Not only have the banks ruined our economy but now they’re trying to ruin all our fun as well. Wells Fargo/Wachovia just recently released a video of their "Wells Fargo Flash Mob — Times Square" in New York City in which it’s obvious that they paid a large group of professional dancers, singers and musicians to show up in Times Square and perform for the crowd. Nothing about the stunt however is anything like a flash mob, nor will it erase in the minds of America what the banks and Wachovia did to millions of homeowners.