Answer: A member of the 99% – Question: What Is Ken Jennings?

If you’re a Jeopardy geek like me, you’ll remember Ken Jennings for his epic and as yet unbeaten run of 74 straight ass-whoop’ns on the best quiz show in history. But that was a different time. A time when birds sang, the sun shined and fairies tucked you in at night. Now robots are taking […]

Rick Perry: Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets!

Okay so we’re slow on the pick up on this one but if you haven’t seen this video yet it should make your day. It was posted by BadLipReading on their YouTube Channel on September 18 and more recently on their new website on October 1st. It’s shear genius and better yet there’s more where […]

Stage Mom Out Sluts All Others by Pimping Her Daughter at Fashion Week

Models are getting younger and younger these days and stage moms are getting sluttier and sluttier as evidenced at this year’s Fashion Week. Cicciabella, the outdoor slipper designer, debuted its new line of kids cowboy boots and slippers on Thursday in an underground bar at the Bryant Park Hotel while holding the 2012 Cowgirl Riders […]

Colbert and Spirit of Juno Arrive in Bermuda (VIDEOS)

Regardless of the lack of natural wind in the air to lift their sails, apparently Stephen Colbert provided enough hot air to propel his boat the Spirit of Juno and his crew mates to second to cross the finish line (we’re still waiting on the official results). Colbert and crew arrived at St. George’s Harbour around sunrise after crossing the East End finish line at approximately 5 am. After blaming mother nature for holding SOJ back, Colbert expressed optimism that his crew could still be the winning team…

The Story Pirates: This Movie is About Cats Flying

“This story is about cats flying.” Based on this sentence by 8 year-old Jah-Kym McMillan, and adapted into a film short by The Story Pirates.

Ladies, Have You Been Vertically Degraded?

Do you have dark circles, dull frizzy hair, stretch marks, or back fat? If so, there’s an ineffective solution to your fabricated sense of insecurity generated by companies such as Unilever.

Cryptkeeper to Host the Daily Show says Jon Stewart

According to Jon Stewart, the current host of The Daily Show, in ten years time the Cryptkeeper will be taking over as host of the popular Comedy Central news show.

Stephen Colbert Tells Jon Stewart to Go F*** Himself

Unfortunately, that meant he beat his compatriot in late night on Comedy Central, and Stephen Colbert has had about enough of coming in second….

Colbert Croons and Rebecca Black’s Friday gets Lampooned All for Education

Sit (in the back seat) Ms. Rebecca Black and get your schoolin’ on. THIS is how you sing a terrible teen girl pop song.

Colbert Throws Tempter Tantrum Over Wisconsin Judge Who Blocked Anti-Union Law – TPM LiveWire

Who does that Wisconsin judge, who blocked Gov. Scott walkers (R) anti-union law, think she is? His mom? …