Democrats, Bill Maher and the Case of the Angry F**kers

Rush Limbaugh is pound scum, no doubt. And while I really wouldn’t put Bill Maher in that category, he has said things on his show and allowed things to be said on his show that are simply sickening. And the fact is, if we are going to hold a douche like Rush Limbaugh to the […]

Bill Maher Panel Wants to Angrily F**k Bachmann and Santorum

You heard it right. And gee wasn’t it funny? Isn’t it funny when a bunch of Neanderthals sit around a shiny, glossy table with lights and cameras pointed at them resisting the urged to jiggle their junk come up with hilarity like this? Wow! ROTFL! LOL! OMG! So what exactly did they say? Well, they […]

Tracy Morgan Blows It With Hate-filled Anti-Gay Rant – Attempts Apology (VIDEO)

Remember when Mel Gibson had a career? That was fun. Well this is kinda like that. After months of hearing nothing but heterosexual sex scandals in the news media, Tracy Morgan took the time during his stand up routine in Nashville recently to remind his audience that it’s the homos that are the “mistakes.” Kevin […]