Black Friday rings in the spirit of giving

When you see a grown woman sprint to a table full of fleece sweatshirts despite being the first customer in the store and parents keeping their babies out until 3 in the morning just because there is a sale, something inside you changes. Such was the case for me yesterday/today from 9 PM to 5 […]

An American Worker Responds to President Obama’s “Lazy” Comment

Two Republican candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, have recently attacked President Obama about comments made by the president in which he said “we’ve been lazy.” Perry even cut a new campaign ad centered around the comment. The one, slight problem is that President Obama was commenting on the current state of the lack of […]

Occupy Sin City

Frank Miller, the writer/artist behind the Sin City series and 300, recently blasted the Occupy Wall Street movement on his blog, saying that the only way OWS could be called a “movement” is if the word “bowel” preceded it. Please keep in mind that Frank Miller is also the reason we have phrase “the g*****n […]


Class warfare hits the playground as Barry is confronted by the upper class in the middle of a playground game