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One Last Rick Perry Comic…

24 Hours without a fun Google Doodle

6 Jokes I wish I made in 2011


Supervillains look back at 2011

4 Days before Iowa Caucus, a new Republican candidate emerges…

Wishing you a Very Attorneys Christmas and a Truthiness New Year

There is a good chance that the world is going to end in 2012. Even if the Mayans were wrong, one of those crazies is going to get the Republican nomination. But after everyone called 2000-2010 the “decade from hell” and 2011 receiving similar names, we either need a complete meltdown or we should start injecting […]

The soundtrack to the Christmas season

At my job, it’s that time of the year where we are forced to listened to Christmas music 24/7. It’s a rough time considering the finite amount of Christmas music there is. There are only so many versions of White Christmas and not a single one of them can top Bing Crosby’s original and hearing Justin […]

College students prepare for a new year of fee increases, cut courses

Its hard out there for a pimp college student. The past few years have been rough for the nation’s college students, with budget cuts, tuition increases, decreased enrollment and raises for the administrators who have been implementing all of this harsh measures. Throw in the shrunken job prospects for college grads and you have the recipe for […]

DROID RAZR attempts to SLICE the competition The new DROID RAZR phone has been out for a few weeks now but everyone still obsessed with the iPhone 4S and Siri. The only thing the RAZR seems to be doing is fly around cutting things in half and being the object of an elaborate heist. At the same time, Apple uses their advertisements to […]