Al Qaeda Offers Camel, Chicken Bounty For Obama, Clinton

The Obama Administration may now realize why our national debt is way too high. We are paying way too much for our war bounties these days. Recently, the US offered of up to $33 million for tip-offs leading to the arrest of Al Qaeda’s top leaders. That’s an apparent overspend of a few 100,000 farm […]

Al Qaeda: Fox News Lacks Neutrality

It’s official. Al Qaeda doesn’t like Fox News. They really don’t like any of the American media outlets with all their free speech and interpreting of information and such. But they really don’t like Fox News for some wackadoo reason. Documents released today titled “Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Ladin Sidelined?” include a January 2011 letter […]

Kim Jong Il is Dead, First Place Open for World’s Worst Dictator

It was Robert Duvall as Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now who said it best: “I love the smell of dead dictators in the morning.” Or something like that. Nevertheless, the smell is better than bacon and eggs … or at least morning breath. And with the news that Kim Jong-Il died “from great […]

iQaeda: The New Threat

Thought it was safe to fly at last? Think again! Apple has decided to throw its hat in with Al-Qaeda officially. After years of rumors, they said “screw it, death to America!” Or in this case, Australia. In a surprise move, they have decided to start blowing up their iPhones on planes. I wish I […]

Republicans to Offer Palin in Lieu of Terrorist Retaliation

On Friday, Republicans gathered to discuss the possibility of a large-scale al Qaeda attack in response to the U.S. government’s assassination of an American Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, in Yemen. The terrorist organization is viewing al-Awlaki as a martyr, and according to CNN, its members are making promises of retaliation to the United States. Eventually, the […]

Gretchen Carlson to Head Enhanced Interrogations

During her Fox News program Fox and Friends last Friday, Gretchen Carlson voiced her concern that the Obama Administration’s enhanced interrogation tactics pale in comparison to the tactics implemented when President Bush was running the show. The conversation, of course, was in reference to the death of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born al-Qaeda cleric who was […]

Fox News Blames Teachers for Yahoo! Claim that “Teens Don’t Know Who Osama Bin Laden Is”

Based solely on their search result data, wanna-be-Google (AKA Yahoo!) has made the bold claim that American teens have no idea who in the hell Osama bin Laden is. According to their data “(s)earches on Sunday for Osama bin Laden spiked nearly 100,00% [sic] … Nearly 1 in 5 searches for “osama bin laden” are by teenagers, many of who grew up during the war on terrorism. 25% of searches overall for Osama came from those under 24.”

Osama bin Laden dead: Two Dutch-bags try to report Barack Obama for Murder

Two Dutch-bags, Ruud Snoeren and Terry Flohr, stormed into a Dutch police office in the city of Tiburg this week to report President Obama for the “murder” Osama bin Laden. The two d-bags accused the President of “’perpetrating’ a crime by ordering the special forces raid that led to bin Laden’s death on Sunday” according to the UK’s Telegraph.

Osama bin Laden is Dead: Did Obama Fulfill a Promise? (Video)

ack in an October 2008 presidential debate then Senator Obama was asked about how to handle the situation in Pakistan and how if at all we should pursue al Qaeda terrorists keeping their bases in Pakistan. Judging from his response and the recent news of bin Laden’s death can we consider this one a promise kept by the Obama Administration?