Afghan Fashion Police Spot Endangered Cross-Dressing Transvestite

In an environment generally hostile to native transvestites, Afghanistan has become inhospitable to the elusive yet fabulously dressed inhabitants. Which is why when they’re spotted, it is truly a moment of merriment. That was the case recently when Afghan police officers caught a glimpse of the diva-ish eyes of one through the tiny slit of […]

VIDEO: The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Goes to Afghanistan

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart surprised many American troops stationed in Afghanistan this weekend with an unannounced visit as part of Admiral Mike Mullen‘s final USO entertainment tour. According to the USO who posted their news on Thursday: Admiral Mike Mullen will wrap up his four-year appointment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of […]

Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Petraeus are Nazis

Our military is run by Nazis! And it’s not just the Commander in Chief, Barack Obama. No it’s the generals as well. According to Rush Limbaugh, Obama is just like Hitler (we’ve all heard that before – it’s Nazi Tourette’s). But the real problem is that apparently General Petraeus and the rest of the generals […]

Jon Stewart: When Has Arming Rebels Ever Gone Wrong? – TPM LiveWire

The news that allied forces may arm the Libyan rebels did not sit well with Jon Stewart Thursday night. Responding to that report, Stewart harkened back to Afghanistan in the …