Carbonite Pulls Out Completely Regardless of Limbaugh Apology

Carbonite, the online backup and storage company has listened to Rush Limbaugh’s apology to Ms. Sandra Fluke and apparently they ain’t buying it. The company issued a statement Saturday evening explaining that Limbaugh had gone way too far and “overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency.” A Statement from David Friend, CEO of Carbonite as of […]

News of the World Will Cease Operations

News International announced they will be shutting down The News of the World and making Sunday’s edition it last. News International admits that the closing will result in 200 tabloid staffers losing their jobs. But, no worries, a company spokeswoman said that those laid off can apply for other jobs in the media firm. What’s […]

How Infomercials Can Protect Schoolchildren’s 1st Amendment Rights

You do not have the legal right to not be bothered by religion. You don’t even have the legal right not be bothered by other people unless you file a restraining order. Nevertheless, we must find a solution to this religion vs. First Amendment problem that is now being demonstrated in the Candy Cane Case.