Romney v. Chair


Christie puts his weight behind RNC


Pale Rider and Hell Following


One day a man from Washington came to town and told us that we consistently elected members of his opposition party to act as our public servants on the federal, state and local level. According to his way of thinking, this was bull headed, generally damnable, and probably criminal. But he had come to set [...]

The GOP Hunger Games

Hunger Games A@L

NEW from the GOP: The Mitt Romney Paper Doll!

Mitt Romney Paper Doll

Presidential Hopefuls, Contenders, and Wannabes. Not Currently Under Indictment.

Presidential Hopefuls Contenders and Wannabes Not Currently Under Indictment

As most of you know, there’s a presidential election next November. The rest of you are at home and you thought this was a porn site. Or you’re a government employee, in which case you’re at work and you thought this was a porn site. There will be many topics of debate- we’re in a [...]