Baby Disgusted at Stephen Colbert and Spirit of Juno for Second Place Finish in Charleston Bermuda Race

We couldn’t help but notice the only one not smiling in this photo. Apparently she understood the gravity of the situation and was not to thrilled with a second place finish. You can guarantee daddy will not be getting any snuggles or goochie-goos when he gets home tonight!

Colbert and Spirit of Juno Arrive in Bermuda (VIDEOS)

Regardless of the lack of natural wind in the air to lift their sails, apparently Stephen Colbert provided enough hot air to propel his boat the Spirit of Juno and his crew mates to second to cross the finish line (we’re still waiting on the official results). Colbert and crew arrived at St. George’s Harbour around sunrise after crossing the East End finish line at approximately 5 am. After blaming mother nature for holding SOJ back, Colbert expressed optimism that his crew could still be the winning team…

UPDATE: Spirit of Juno and Stephen Colbert back in Second as Five Boats Drop Out of Charleston Bermuda Race

Gratitude, Halcyon, Santosha, Spirit of Minerva, and Yanosha all “retired” late Thursday/early Friday morning frustrated that there just aren’t any winds to power their boats. According to race headquarters …

Stephen Colbert in Charleston Bermuda Race

Stephen Colbert is aboard the “Spirit of Juno” in the 2011 Charleston Bermuda Race. And while the yacht was at one point in the lead, it is currently in 2nd place (probably because the boat is British). Here are the details of their Competitor Entry…

Colbert vs. Cooper: Stephen Colbert Makes Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList (Video)

The ratings war is officially on! Let the media feud commence! Any one taking any bets? What’s the over-under?

Was Stephen Colbert Part of Seal Team 6?

Was Stephen Colbert part of Seal Team 6? According to Lorraine McLees, one of the artists at Bungie who created and designed the Halo Universe … hell no! Okay, we’re speaking for her, but probably not; we don’t want to start any conspiracy theories here. Nevertheless, she did create an awesome caricature of Colbert decked out in Seal-Team-meets-Halo-esque garb that would blow scare the brains out of any America-hating, terrorist-loving, multi-billionaire, wannabe Jihadist.

Colbert 101: Students Take Colbertest Course in History of Education

Listen to – Students Take Colbertest Course in the History of Education (AUDIO) AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION of radio podcast with full video clips: If you pay any attention to pop culture, you’ve heard of Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report.” And maybe you think of him mostly as a witty, politically minded comic who spoofs […]

Stephen Colbert on a Soup Can?

Apparently there are some odd happenings going on in the Big Apple lately. Large posters of what looks to be Campbell’s Soup cans are appearing in rather conspicuous places such as public mailboxes and the walls of private businesses on what would ordinarily be a typical New York city street. But upon closer inspection these aren’t Campbell’s Soup cans at all.

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez Visits with Stephen Colbert

Arturo Rodriguez invites Americans who think immigrant farm workers are taking away jobs to work in the fields. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Arturo Rodriguez Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive Related articles Colbert-Stewart 2012 – Northern Arizona News (blog) ( Stephen Colbert Enters Politics […]

Last Week’s Top 10 Late Night Political Jokes

With this week getting underway, let’s look back at last week’s top 10 late night jokes (in no particular order):