Bill Cosby Schools Donald Trump on Today Show

Never shy about his opinions, comedy legend Bill Cosby stuck it to real estate mogul Donald Trump on Thursday after both appeared with Meredith Viera in segments of NBC’s Today Show.

Fox New’s Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier Already Dividing Up the Loot from Glenn Beck’s Cancelled Fox News Show

The studio lights haven’t even dimmed yet and Fox New’s Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier are already dividing up the loot from Glenn Beck’s soon to be “transitioned” (AKA cancelled) Fox News show.

Jon Stewart Takes on GOP’s Attempt to Placate Tea Party Base

Apparently calling a group of people “extreme” is extremely offensive, but calling them a socialist cabal of radicals – not so bad.

The “Glennpocalypse”! Beck is Convinced Fox News is Lying to You (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck is now convinced Fox News is lying to you. In fact, he even says…

The Glennpocalyse is Coming! Get Your Beck Pack Now! Says Stephen Colbert

The “Glennpocalyse” is upon us! Therefore Stephen Colbert has prepared us with his “Emergency Beck Pack.” Stephen showed us all the goodies that come with Beck Pack, including beef stroganoff (just like Beck’s real life survival packs! Really that’s totally true.) …

Don’t Use the Word “Retard” Anymore, You Reta – I mean – Douche Bag!

It turns out Sarah Palin was right after all. Now I have to go wash my mouth out with soap.