NSA Makes First Arrest In Cyber War On Terror and It’s One of Their Own

  The NSA has been secretly gathering information on people via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for the past six years through a top secret program. According to secret documents obtained by RestoringTruthiness, it appears the NSA has made their first arrest in the cyber war on terror and it’s one of their own: NSA […]

Politics: DOMA-Frog Legs For Dinner

  There is no question that the marriages have been around since one could recall the beginning of time. However, it was under Emperor Augustus when marriage became more of a… ” legal institution”.     Augustus’s Leges Juliae (Julian Laws) of 18 – 17 BC attempted to elevate morals and increase the population by encouraging marriage and having children. It […]

How Mainstream Media Can Better Handle National Tragedies

1. For the Love of Everything Holy, Stop Telling Me How to Make Bombs Stop telling me how easy it is to make a bomb. I spent the afternoon of the Boston Marathon bombing in L.A. traffic, screaming at my radio as they told me just how easily I could make my very own explosive […]

It’s a Gay Gay Gay Gay World

  There is so much news from the LGBT community these days.  But first, the news you don’t hear about. The the war between Gays and Queers.  It’s kinda like the war between Vampires and Lycans. It’s going on underneath the surface but you’d never know.  And since there’s no Q in LGBT, I guess […]

Liberal Progress Kentucky Sets Clock Back to 1941 with Racist Tweets about McConnell’s Wife

If you can’t face them, tweet about them. That seems to be motto of the liberal superPAC Progress Kentucky. For months, Progress Kentucky has been attacking McConnell and holding demonstrations at his offices and home, according to NPR member station WFPL. And when that didn’t work, they dug deep in to the freakish hellscape of […]

CISPA’s Trust Fall: Trust Them, There’s No Catch

The government is here for you. They are asking for your trust regarding the sharing of your personal cyber information. You know, they want you to stand in front of them, cross your arms, close your eyes, and fall backwards. They will totally catch you. Okay, maybe they’re not “asking” but rather “forcing” you to […]

When Annie Couldn’t Get Her Protection

Annie woke up one morning with a start, a sense of foreboding, downright dread. She realized she was in danger. She had been living without “protection.” We are of course talking about her constitutionally enshrined right to “protection.” I mean really, every woman should have a right to “protection,” right? What would she do if a […]

The GOP: The Road Not Taken…But Why?

GOP: The Road Not Taken   Many people are quite familiar with the poem, The Road Not Taken, written by the great Robert Frost. I myself have heard it quoted many times. Yet many only truly know the last lines, which read “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one […]

I’m Afraid of Naomi Wolf

 Well, the election is over and everyone has moved on. The Republicans are evaluating their election strategy while learning to accept they will have to negotiate with the President in order to accomplish the nation’s business.  Feminist writer Naomi Wolf has a new biography … of sorts.  It’s not so much about her as about her (OK […]

How To Fix Congress In 3 Easy Steps

Congress is broken. I don’t mean broken like, “I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and now it’s broken” broken. I mean broken like, “I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and the combined electrical charge of the phone and foamy toilet water inadvertently opened a door to a parallel dimension of ancient evil, a […]