Horse Hockey! Harry Morgan – Colonel Potter of M*A*S*H – Dies at 96

Since these posts are never fun to write and since you’ve probably already heard the news that Colonel Potter (AKA Harry Morgan – one of the greatest character actors in television-cinema history) passed away today at 96 years-old, we thought we would take a moment to highlight the funnier side of Morgan/Potter. We found a […]

What Mitt Romney Missed in Rachel Maddow’s Sex Class Yesterday

If it weren’t for Rachel Maddow and a young woman attending a town hall in Sioux City, Iowa, Mitt Romney might be none-the-wiser about how his uterus works. See Mr. Romney says he supports the idea of “life begins at CONCEPTION – meaning when a sperm burrows its way into an egg (in sciency terms […]

Big Banks are Murdering Houses and “Burying the Dead”

Even when the big banks are doing the right thing, they seem to have a bit of a problem with their word choices when they try to explain it to the public. According to the Washington Post, some of the nation’s largest banks, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, have agreed to donate to […]

God Hangs Out in Wal-Mart Parking Lots

In case you’ve been wondering where the f*** God has been this past decade as our nation was attacked, we invaded two countries, our countries leadership has fallen apart and the global economy has collapsed (plus, of course, the usual – civil wars, floods, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills, yada, yada) – apparently, he’s been […]

Rick Perry’s Budget Can’t Afford Texas Volunteers

You know you have problems with budget planning when you can even find a way pay for volunteers. And these particular volunteers are kinda important. You see, Texas is experiencing what some on the 700 Club might call Hell Fire and Damnation and it’s these volunteer heroes (and I do mean HEROES) that are desperately […]

Take the Choked Up Challenge! Giant Puppy Welcomes Home Military Papa (VIDEO)

Take the choked up challenge! Can you watch this video without getting a little choked up? It’s an awesome video of a reunion between a puppy and a returning military service man brought to you by the cool blog called The blog has actually been around since 2010 and it’s dedicated to videos, stories and […]

Phone Hacking: News Corp’s Exploits Starving Children in Editorial Cartoon

In an attempt to change the subject or to raise the question of “Why the heck is everyone so mad at little old News Corps when there are starving children in the world?” News Corps’ Times of London ran a shocking political cartoon that should have your hair on end. Here it is: Mediate’s Alex […]

Tim Pawlenty Gets Glittered

Don’t mess with Milk Town T-Paw! Or you’ll pay for it in pink glitter! Tim Pawlenty was at his Courage to Stand book signing at a convention for America’s Health Insurance Plans on Friday in San Francisco (hometown of slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk) and Code Pink activists were there to paid him a […]

Anthony Weiner Claims Lewd Tweet Was a Hack Prank

Anthony Weiner has been on the defensive since a lewd tweet surfaced on Friday of an unidentified man and directed at a 21-year-old female college student from Seattle named Gennette Cordova. Weiner claims the tweet came from someone who hacked into his Twitter account. He has hired a lawyer to explore “civil or criminal actions” in response to the incident, which he has refered to as a “prank.”

Donald Trump on John King After Obama Released His Long Form Birth Certificate

After President Obama finally released his long form birth certificate (AKA his long form Certificate of Live Birth), Donald Trump begrudgingly sat down with John King to answer question about his claims that he deserves all the credit and the he did a great service for the country.