Pale Rider and Hell Following

One day a man from Washington came to town and told us that we consistently elected members of his opposition party to act as our public servants on the federal, state and local level. According to his way of thinking, this was bull headed, generally damnable, and probably criminal. But he had come to set […]

The Life and Hard Times of Wayne T. Hurley IV, Jr., Presidential Hopeful: In several chapters and with additions whenever heaven allows and as much as the market will bear.

I am Wayne T. Hurley IV, Jr. and I was born within living memory in Out Back of Beyond, county of Elisia in the mountains not far from here. I never did care much for politics or politicians, but seem to always have both thrust on me so I learned to adapt without becoming a […]

Morning in America: Why, if you’re going to really screw something up, you have to get the government involved.

I’ve always thought Sundays sucked. At their best they felt like a day you called in sick to work because you could not find a reason to give a single f#ck that day and, once you got back from the game or the park or rolled off the couch, there was still work tomorrow. Sunday’s […]

The Permanent Record

Brief descriptions of the players. Newt Gingritch– the Great Pumpkin on Acid. The Cheshire Cat– Newt Gingritch on acid. Rick Perry– Brokeback Molehill. Mitt Romney– Lindsay Lohan on ecstasy trying to explain to a judge why house arrest is the best option. Seriously, how funny would it have been if during the debates Mitt had […]

The New Asperity

Did you know that in Germany it’s illegal for one driver to flip off another? It’s one of the most common traffic violations cited in German courts. One has to wonder why, in a country where by simply rolling your Rs around you can change the English word for ‘bitter’ into German ‘please’, someone decided […]

DARPA Bums: Restoring Truthiness Tackles Top Secret Government Code!

We were robbed and we lost.  This is going to sound like sour grapes; it’s not but I’m pissed off and somebody’s got to pay for screwing up. Restoring Truthiness has its finger in many pies, and you don’t want to know what the interns get up to with their pies.  Seriously, you guys are […]

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: visits OWS in DC

Man is a social animal. Often he isn’t particularly solicitous or even sociable, but he does tend to gather together in hierarchical, articulated groups and his conduct doesn’t stray far from accepted norms without incurring negative reinforcement. In other words, mankind doesn’t leave the city to run a farm and raise his own food, mankind […]

The Supercommittee: Too Lame to Fail

The Congressional supercommittee issued a statement announcing that members couldn’t reach a bipartisan agreement on cutting the Federal deficit, automatically triggering $1.2 trillion in across-the-board cuts starting in 2013.The official statement is posted on this site.It isn’t very long, you’ve probably sent drunken emails to your ex saying how over them you are. If you […]

A Fracture’s Worth 1,000 Words.

Well, the Occupy Wall Street party was finally busted and everyone’s gone home, with well-wishes and promises to get together and do it again real soon.  But the question remains; ‘Who are the protesters and what do they want?’ As for who they are—an amorphous group made up of the unemployed, the unemployable, the truly […]

Presidential Hopefuls, Contenders, and Wannabes. Not Currently Under Indictment.

As most of you know, there’s a presidential election next November. The rest of you are at home and you thought this was a porn site. Or you’re a government employee, in which case you’re at work and you thought this was a porn site. There will be many topics of debate- we’re in a […]