#OccupyAtlanta Mutated From #OccupyWallStreet into The Blob! Don’t let John Lewis Speak?!

The human microphone, finger wiggles and groupthink got in the way of letting Civil Rights Leader John Lewis speaking to The Blob at Occupy Atlanta! Seriously, WTF happened to OccupyAtlanta? First off, what’s with the uber-creepy, human microphone crap? I get that actual microphones are a city violation and all, but this human microphone thing […]

Robertson: My Divorce-Your-Wife-with-Alzheimer Comments Were Misunderstood

Pat Robertson envies the Catholic priests because “when they have somebody in confession it’s all kept secret. “Yep, that’s what I was thinking, too, and know I have to wash my brain out with soap … and maybe some bleach. What he was referring to, though, was the fact that Catholic priests are fortunate not […]

Koch Brothers plan to Clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano

It’s true the Koch Brothers plan to clone Fox News Host Judge Napolitano. And all this time you were thinking that folks on the right were against cloning and all that sciency stuff. Me, too! I know, right? Well, apparently they want to clone themselves in order to save the country. That’s a good reason, […]

Glenn Beck: Jews Talk Too Much

Glenn Beck is sooo cute. He thinks he’s sooo BFFs with Israel that he can throw some joking jabs at the Jews over there and everyone will get a good old fashion chuckle. You see, Beck just came back from his “Restoring Courage” (no relation) event in Israel and upon his return he had some […]

Jobs for Iowa Challenges Colbert Super PAC to Tractor Pull

Oh it is ON!!! … Hopefully … Jobs for Iowa issued a press-release-double-dog dare on Friday night, the night before the Iowa Straw Poll challenging Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow to a good old fashion tractor pull. No word yet on whether Mr. Colbert accepted the challenge since he had less than a day to respond. What? Is Jobs for Iowa scared that they may have unleashed the beast?

Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh Owes $117,437 in Child Support; Banned from “The Last Word” (Videos)

It’s official. Congress is run by deadbeats. And by deadbeats, I don’t mean lazy couch surfers stuffing their faces with cheese puffs while someone else pays the rent. No I’m referring to folks who continually make ridiculous pledges to all sorts of special interest groups while defaulting on the one pledge they have as their […]

Get Free Home Delivery of Your Own Drunken State Senator!

All you need is your neighbor’s SUV, a couple bottles of Grey Goose and an attorney (for the senator of course) and you too could have your state senator delivered to your front door, hung over, drooling and passed out in the back seat. Idaho Senate Republican Caucus Chairman John McGee of Caldwell was arrested […]

Fox News Mistakes Tina Fey For Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

The Mistress of Disguise, Tina Fey, was able to pull on over on Fox News without even trying today as the “news” network mistakenly displayed an image of Fey as Sarah Palin while discussing Palin’s something or other. This is a direct violation of Fox News strict code of “zero tolerance for on-screen errors.” In fact, in the past Fox News had issued a stern memo saying the following:

Colbert vs. Cooper: Stephen Colbert Makes Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList (Video)

The ratings war is officially on! Let the media feud commence! Any one taking any bets? What’s the over-under?

Douchebag of the Day goes to … (VIDEO)

Sean Duffy Loses His Cool After Being Challenged On The Ryan Budget And Medicare