The Creepiest Moments of Kim Jong Il

Death Cube for Cutie That’s what I’m calling Kim Jong’s forever solarium, Death Cube for Cutie.  What’s really neat about the see through casket is that if you pick the whole thing up and shake it, well, it snows inside.  The world’s first, life-size, axis of evil, snow globe.  Think that’s creepy?  Read below for […]

American Drones Need New Alibis

So, Iran has captured an American spy drone.  The unmanned vehicle was either brought down (says Iran) or malfunctioned (says the U.S.).  Either way, the Iranian government is now parading the thing across its news outlets as if it were the winner of Iran’s “X Factor”. American officials have said, “Yep, we lost the thing […]

Hanson’s New Beer: An Appropriate Product for Christian Celebs?

Hanson the all-brother, boy band out of Tulsa, OK has a surprise for us all…they’re coming out with a new beer!  And the name?  MMMhop and it’s an India Pale Ale. Now, these boys (men?) are no strangers to merchandising with other products such as Hansonopoly, t-shirts, jewelry, a calendar, record player, and Hanson playing […]

OWS, Penn State, UC Davis, All Explained Through Chinese Animation

  Holy Cow! Obama is riding that hippie! Whenever I feel like the news is too dark and we’re all drowning in a sea of hellfire, I watch one of these.  (I got that “drowning in a sea of hellfire” thing from the Teabaggers.)  These videos – they’re like a really good container of chicken […]

Inappropriate Songs We Hope Jimmy Fallon Will Play For Presidential Candidates

So, NBC apologized for playing “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as Michele Bachmann walked out on to the Jimmy Fallon stage. Meanwhile, the rest of us turned pink with something akin to the glee of a newborn baby.  It was so fun, we’re hoping they do it again.  Here are some suggestions: Michele Bachmann:  Nirvana – “All […]

An LGBT Thanksgiving With Michele Bachmann

The other night I mixed some Dayquil with some pinot noir.  Big mistake.  I dreamed that I was at an NRA rally…dressed as a deer.  Ted Nugent chased me through a forest.  I’m still having flashbacks.So, this family holiday, DON’T mix your meds.  You could end up dreaming that you are Helen Lafave – the […]