How is the NRA like an Islamic Extremist Group?

This was written before President Obama released his list of “executive actions” on gun control to be approved by Congress.  Now that we know the vitriolic reaction to that, we can add to the list, “Refusing to recognize the authority of the central government! The cartoon is one “The Huffington Post” refused to run, because […]

The Real Joseph Kony

If you’re one of the 77 million people who watched the controversial “Stop Kony” video by Invisible Children, you’ve probably also heard that it won headlines as both a vastly oversimplified look at central Africa’s problems –  and the most successful viral campaign in history. Is the truth more complicated – or more simple?  A look at the Real […]

Have You Ever Noticed Political Candidates Are Simply Mirrors?

Have You Ever Noticed Political Candidates Are Simply Mirrors?

God Hints He May Run for Republican Nomination

With Super Tuesday showing no clear winner yet in the Republican primaries, God has signaled that he may throw his hat in the ring for the nomination at the Republican National Convention. While former pronouncements from the Almighty have taken the form of burning bushes or stone tablets, God’s most recent announcement came via his […]